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Streak-free glass & mirrors

Glass is a necessary evil that everyone will have to deal with on a daily basis. Please read the following to gain a better idea on how to clean glass efficiently and without fuss or wasting additional time.

All it takes to get beautiful looking glass is a slightly damp, high quality microfiber cleaning cloth:


  • dampen one side or corner of your cleaning cloth to add some friction and cleaner
    • if the glass is very dirty (as with bathroom mirrors), you may have to spray additional glass product onto the glass itself
  • pass by a few times to remove the dirt or spots
  • flip the cloth around to a dry side
  • pass by once or twice more to fully clean off anything still left on the glass

Make sure the glass is nearly all the way dry when passing back over with the dry side, otherwise you will end up with streaks and smudges across the glass that won’t show up until after it dries

TIP: Some glass cleaning cloths don’t even need to be damp if the glass isn’t very dirty – a high quality microfiber cloth will actually get the glass cleaner while it is dry.

  • the electrostatic properties will pull dust and make it cling to the cloth.

Make sure to keep your cloths folded neatly – leaving a corner of the cloth dragging across the glass will invite new streaks to a clean mirror

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