Carpet Cleaning services in Oakland East Bay

Health professionals recommend that carpet are professionally cleaned two to three times per year. Our carpet cleaning technicians are experts in carpet cleaning and care. We also offer upholstery cleaning for your home furniture needs.

Carpet Cleaning Services

BA House Cleaning offers affordable carpet cleaning service in Oakland, CA and other surrounding East Bay Area cities. We strive provide quality services at affordable prices. We also can work around your busy schedule and always provide the best customer service. Get a free quote with one of our carpet cleaning professionals. No job is too tough for the BA House Cleaning team!

What You Can Expect

When you call BA House Cleaning for carpets cleaning, you can rest assured our carpet cleaning team is highly trained and experienced to provide you with exceptional quality.
Your carpets will look and feel like new after our team is finished cleaning. Say goodbye to the nasty odors and hello to the cleanest carpets imaginable.
Our cleaning processes are of the best in the industry. We use safe and organic cleaning products to ensure people and pets are not harmed or disturbed in the cleaning process.

Two Important Reasons To Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned By Us

Health reasons

It’s no news that carpet tends to hold on to dirt, germs, bacteria, and allergens. These things can lead to some pretty unpleasant problems like viruses, and breathing issues and allergies. This can especially affect seniors and children that are more vulnerable and have weaker immune systems. Even if carpets are vacuumed regularly, it’s vital to have your carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis to remove those dust mites, bacteria, and other allergens that can cause health problems.

A cleaner and fresher house

Having us professionally clean your carpets will make your house look and smell much better. Carpets require regular maintenance to keep it looking its best. Even when there are stains, most of the time we are able to lift those stains and remove an ugly eye sore. If you’re looking for the top carpets cleaners in the Oakland and the East Bay area, give BA House Cleaning a call. our expert carpet cleaning technicians really know how to make your carpets look great!