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How to handle a client asking for extra stuff

You will regularly get clients who will ask you to do things that are either outside of the scope of what we do or should be considered additional charges to their cleaning. Being courteous is great, but we do not want you to be taken advantage of or have to spend more time doing something that you are not getting paid to do. Please read the following so you know how to approach each situation. We want you to feel confident working undisturbed and earning the pay that you deserve!

***DO NOT start cleaning if it is not within our normal scope of service***

  • Politely discuss with the clients that certain things aren’t within our scope of service and that you would not be able to tend to those items if it hasn’t been previously addressed during scheduling.

If they are asking for additional services and you have the time:

  • Politely say: “Okay! Let me call the office real quick to have them add that onto your cleaning”

If they don’t want you to call the office but still want the additional service:

  • Explain: “I understand, but I’m not allowed to do anything outside of what’s already included for your service. I’d be happy to let the office know to add it on to your cleaning, though!”


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