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How to clean the floors

Please read over the following to familiarize yourself with the supplies needed as well as the “BA House Cleaning” method of cleaning:

Before starting the floors, go around and pick up all the trash and take to the outside bin.

Supplies and equipment needed

  • Small vacuum
  • Carpet attachment
  • Hardwood floor attachment
  • Extension cord
  • Flat mop
  • 3 to 6 microfiber mop covers
  • Bucket
  • Floor cleaning solution
  • Soap for some homes
  • Tools for vacuum repair – screw driver, scissors to remove hair, wire hanger to unclog the tube
  • Vacuum bags


  • Bring frequently used tools in the home inside your cleaning tray
  • Plug the vacuum into an outlet that allows for the maximum amount of floor space to be vacuumed
  • NEVER allow cords to rub on walls around corners. Take the extra time to ensure this doesn’t happen.
  • Be careful not to bump or rub along baseboards or furniture.

Vacuuming carpets

  • Use the carpet floor attachment
  • Go to the furthest carpeted room from the front door. If its a 2 story, start on the top floor.
  • Plug into an outlet that will reach the maximum amount of floor space without the need to unplug and look for another outlet.
  • Start on the carpet furthest from the door.
  • Work left to right, then right to left as you work backwards towards the door.
  • As you vacuum, use long stokes and be sure to overlap just enough to vacuum all the carpeting.
  • If a spot needs extra attention, you can vacuum slower, or repeatedly over the same area.
  • Keep an eye out while moving through dirt in corners and hard to reach places.
  • Use your whisk broom as needed to move the dirt out and make reachable for the vacuum.
  • Move small items on the floor as needed.


  • Start at the top and work your way down
  • Set your small vacuum around 5 – 7 steps from the top.
  • Use the horsehair brush attachment to vacuum each step.
  • To get into the edges, you can remove the attachment and vacuum without it.
  • Use the whisk broom as needed

Throw rugs

  • Use the small vaccum
  • Step on one end, as you push the vacuum away from you.
  • Lift the vacuum as the end and continue moving left to right until the rug is vacuumed.

Vacuuming hard floors

  • Use hardwood floor brush attachment
  • Its the opposite as carpeted floors. Start vacuuming at the entrance to the room and vacuum side to side while moving forward away from the door.
  • Vacuuming while moving forward keeps the exhaust behind one so its not blowing the dirt away while trying to vacuum it up.
  • Keep in mind, the better the vacuum job, the better the mopping will turn out.

How to mop

  • The bucket should already be filled and in the kitchen. It should be warm water and a cap full of floor cleaner
  • Drop 3 mop covers into the water.
  • Take the bucket to the hard floors furthest from the front door. This might be on the 2nd floor, or a bathroom on the 1st floor.
  • Place the bucket at the entrance of the room you will be mopping, you will go to the far side of the room and mop while moving backwards towards the mop bucket. This way you aren’t stepping on the floor you just mopped.
  • Ring on out and place on the mop head. Make sure it is a damp mop head and not dripping wet. There should never be puddles on the floor.
  • Go to the far side of the room and mop begin mopping by pushing it forward and then bringing it back, shift to the side and repeat pushing the mop in the same direction.
  • When you can’t go any further to the side, move backwards and mop another row.
  • When the mop pad begins to dry or gets too dirty to effectively clean, go back to the mop bucket and grab a fresh one. Ring it out until damp, and continue on after replacing.

Floor problems – troubleshooting

  • Are you using too much cleaning solution?
  • Not changing the mop head enough? – 1 mophead per every 10×10 area in the  home
  • Pick a pattern and stick with it!  Go with the grain in the floor and do not make a rainbow shape!
  • Are you using too much water?  Is the mop bucket sloshing over?
  • Are you rushing and not taking your time?
  • Are you washing your mopheads in dirty water?
  • Double check the floor if its sticky. 
  • Walk on floors if needed using microfiber cloths.
  • If there is dog slobber or urine on the floor wipe it with a hot water first than mop so it doesn’t just spread it around
  • Are you using enough pressure on the mop?  Put some elbow grease into it!!!
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