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Getting more tips

A little dose of kindness and consideration goes a long way with clients. Look over the following to improve your odds of receiving a tip for your fantastic service!

  • Be sure to politely greet the client with:
    • “Good morning, Mrs. Smith! How are you doing?”
    • “I’m all done now with your cleaning. Have a great rest of your day!”
  • Be kind and considerate when cleaning when the client is home
    • ask for permission and be considerate in:
      • how you open and close doors/cabinets
      • delicately place your supplies down, organized, and in order
      • offering clients to pass by first
      • being friendly with pets
      • making them feel well cared for!

If you are cleaning a home regularly, doing these things repeatedly will have the client paying more attention to how well you work and conduct yourself – you’ll be surprised how much more in tips you are able to make!

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