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Schedule Add-On services

Add-On services can be included with any cleaning. You may add one or more of these options to a One-Time cleaning, First-Time cleaning, or Move-In/Move-Out Service. For our Recurring Cleaning Service, you may add on to every visit, every other visit, or to one visit only.

  • Our Add-Ons are:
    • Inside Cabinets (empty homes only, MIMO)
    • Inside Fridge
    • Inside Oven
    • Inside Windows
    • Doors and door frames
    • Make Bed
    • Baseboards
    • Sliding / Patio doors
    • Wet wipe blinds (thicker plastic ones only)

If a customer wants to schedule an add-on to a one time service:

  • Click on EDIT to make changes to a booking/appt

Scroll down to EXTRAS and add an add-on

If a customer wants to schedule an add-on on one recurring service:

  1. If you need to set up an Add-On (Additional Service) DO NOT add it on all Future Appointments, instead select THIS BOOKING ONLY.

2. Scroll to extras area and add the extra.
3. IMPORTANT STEP: If the job has a current price adjustment checked, you will need change that amount plus add on cost add to it for THIS booking ONLY.

If a customer wants to schedule an add-on on ALL recurring service, simply select the add on, re-adjust the price if needed and make sure all Future Appointments is selected.

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