How to Clean Your House Like You Mean It (Part 1)

Cleaning your house is more a task of patience and perseverance than strength and swiftness.

We all know that cleaning is not the most exciting activity in the world, but the results are worth all the effort: a clean, great-looking space, where all items are where they belong, where the light reflects the perfect harmony of all the elements and the air has a nice, fresh smell.

Yes, that’s what we think a dream house looks (and smells) like. And we want you to have your own dream house. That’s why we’ve developed 3 articles that will not only tell you how to clean your house like a professional, but also how to maintain that cleanliness as long as possible.

So, let’s start!


We understand that dusting can be everything but enjoyable, however, maintaining a dust-free space will not only look great, but also help to prevent respiratory diseases.

When dusting, you’ll be able to pick up off the floor, fold throw blankets, fluff pillows and cushions, and perform basic tidying.

Be thorough, because if you miss an area the dust on it will be more evident than in the other places where you cleaned.

You can use the dusting commercial product of your preference.

Steps to the professional dusting:

  • Move Items: Even before starting to dust, move items and leave the space free. This is more effective that moving each item one by one and dusting under it.
  • Ceiling Fans: Let’s start dusting from top to bottom, so ceiling fans go first. Dust them thorough fully once, and next time you’re left to dust with less effort. A chair or a small ladder can help you to reach up and clean.
  • Window Ledges: Raise all blinds or curtains to access all ledges.
  • Door Jams & Light Switch Plates: Take a damp cloth and apply a little cleaning product on it. Use it to clean these areas.
  • Patio Doors: Use a damp cloth with a little cleaning product on it, too. Clean them and, if any moisture is left, dry it with a paper towel. If you have a pet, take special care of nose marks.
  • Baseboards: Clean them with a damp mop and/or vacuum them.

Quick Cleaning

If you happen to have limited time and you just want to tidy up a bit, remember to dust bed frames, the side of cabinets and armoires, door panels, banisters and spindles, chair legs and bases, curtain rods, pictures and their frames, stairwell ledges, dining room table legs and bases. Every debris and dust that is not perfectly taken out with your cleaning rag can be thrown to the floor. Then, vacuum everything. This will save time.

Next week we’ll be addressing bathrooms and more cleaning tips, stay tuned!

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