Answers to Common Questions People Have about House Cleaning

If people haven’t used a house cleaning service before, it is quite common for you to have a few questions. It is very important and often essential that you ask these key questions before hiring cleaners. The first step is to think about what special considerations or concerns that you may have. In this article, we will help you think through what questions you should be asking before you opt to have your house cleaned.

What about Fido?

One of the most commonly asked questions regarding the

cleaning of a home involves pets. Pets are viewed as beloved members of the family, and most pet caregivers are pretty concerned about keeping their little, furry friends as safe and sound as possible. This concern takes many forms, and at the top of the list is safety. A common pet related house cleaning question involves whether or not a company is

pet friend. In other words, do they use cleaning products that are pet safe and take pets into consideration when they clean? Many cleaning

companies don’t give much thought to this issue.

Ask questions such as “Is your company okay working around pets? Or do I have to take my pets out of the home when you are cleaning?” Some house cleaning companies are fine with customers leaving their pets at home, while others are not as the employees worry about their safety. It is important to understand a company’s policies towards pets before moving forward, as you can be sure that pet policies do differ from one company to the

next. The bottom line is that some companies are not pet friendly and will not clean your home with any kind of pet present, so ask before hiring!

Considerations of Security Systems

Security systems are another area where people have many questions. Some services don’t want to deal with security systems and others don’t mind. Companies such as ours find that all we need to work with your security system is that you show our team how to disarm it properly. Obviously, the team needs to know how to enter and disarm the system in order to perform any work. When it comes to your security system, the key is to ask and arrange a plan ahead of time.

Pets and security systems are two key areas that people tend to have questions when hiring a cleaning service, but, of course, many other questions can also arise. Be open and honest with your house cleaning service and most will be willing to work with you on these types of issues. Don’t let your house’s cleanliness suffer as a result of not asking!

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