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Vacation Rental Cleaning Script

(Airbnb, Vrbo, etc)

  • Always send a quote to EVERYONE you talk too
  • Gather their name, phone number and email than enter them into BK
  • This starts an automation for follow ups with leads
  • After entering them into BK if they do not schedule make sure to notate why they did not schedule right now.

We definitely provide cleaning services to vacation rentals. As a matter fact our owner owns multiple vacation rentals and is a Superhost with Airbnb! So you’re definitely contacting the right company!

What city is the property located in? (qualifying the lead)

Check area if serviceable ( refer to this link: ).

I will just need some information from you:
# of bedrooms
# of bathrooms
Sqft (if known)
How many beds?
Will you require washing linens and towels?
Is there a washer/dryer onsite?
Is there a quick wash option on the washer
Great! Thank you!

Name (you probably already got first name at the beginning)
What is the address of the property?
What email address can we send a quote to?
What is the best # to reach you?
Do you do same day check ins and if so what is the time window for cleaning?

Thank you! We will work on your quote now and will send shortly.  

Let lead know that owner of our company owns a couple Airbnb’s herself.
Besides having spare linens always available, we recommend incorporating the following into their guest checkout process:
– Gusts starting dishwasher cycle with all dirty dishes
– Guests putting all dirty towels into washer and starting the wash cycle

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