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Quality Complaint Process

Qualify the complaint 

  • Using LAST identify the issue
    • Listen
    • Ask
    • Solve
    • Thank
  • Identify if it is something in our scope of service
    • Be prepared with what service it was and what’s included
    • Is it something we do at all?
  • Have them pictures if possible
    • It’s not to prove they are lying 
    • It’s so we can show our techs what they could have done better for training purposes!
  • Use how to deal with complaints document for guidance on the conversation and steps with customer
  • Make a to do to follow up with the customer after the re-service and after the next recurring service 
  • Document in BK & Clickup your conversation with the customer and add if not already in
  • Follow up with tech using tech quality guide
  • Document in BK+Clickup your conversation
    • In the Google Drive employee file
    • Open employee LOG
    • Document the conversation and action plan given with deadline
    • First time is a warning with guidance
    • Second is more stern with them making the action plan (in 90 days)
    • Third time’s a write up with retraining (In 90 days) 
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