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One Time Service Sales Script

If wanting a one time
“Will this be a move out cleaning?”

“No, I just want a one time clean of my home.”

“Great!  It will only be $_____ for a one time deep cleaning however if you do schedule ongoing services we do apply a $50 discount and then it is a lot less after.”

If the home is empty or a move out quote the MIMO pricing in BK

If they want to call back, talk to their spouse or check other rates 

“Susan, let me atleast send you an estimate that way you have our prices and it details what is done during the service so it’s nice to see that as well!” 

ALWAYS send an estimate regardless if they schedule or not!

*IF customer does not want us to send them a quote, use their name and number so we can add them to BK* 

*Make notes on their quote in BK after each call if they did not schedule during the call in the private booking notes area*

If they book 1x cleaning end the call with
All 1x cleanings are cash only, and we do require a credit card on file as a backup payment option. I can take your card now to save us time.
If you need to change or cancel any cleanings we ask that you please give us 48 hours notice so we can schedule someone else in there.  We do have late cancellation/rescheduling fees if canceled or changed less 48 hours in advance. 
Thank you! I also will be send your our customer guidelines if you can accept those on your end then we’ll be all set for ____!

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