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Office Communication Policies

Here is a list of best practices for office staff communications. The purpose is to simplify communications and cut down on notifications. Helps individuals and departments sort through messages that apply to them or their department and focus on priorities for meeting the goals of each role.

Slack Guidelines

  • Watch video in office resources on how to use slack and functions
  • Make sure your alerts/notifications are on at all times!!
  • Respond by messaging to that message only
  • Always acknowledge every message if it pertains to you at all
  • If you are stepping away we must let everyone know
  • If you are at your desk you must respond right away!
  • Use the features/icons of in a meeting, working from home etc.

BAHC Admin Channel – Anything that is urgent and needs to be seen by all. Also, letting everyone know you are clocked in and available and clocked out and unavailable.

Employee Relations Updates Channel – for leadership team communication only, tech issues, and customer complaints

Processes and Reminders Channel – New process, forgotten processes, or reminders only.

Sales Strategies Channel – Anything sales related

Schedule Updates Channel – Anything to do with the schedule dispatchers. Notifies the dispatchers. Communication about budgeted hours, etc.

Staff Random Stuff Channel – Anything fun 🙂

Accounting Channel – Refunds, invoice issues

Slack an individual – Converstion between 2 people that doesn’t involve anyone else

Dialpad Phone Guidelines

Speed – Answer phone within 3 rings.

Call an individual or group on Dialpad – Urgent and need to talk about something that is a larger conversation

Email Guidelines

  • All company inbox emails need to be responded to within 30 minutes
  • Assign them if they are for a specific person/department with comment in private internal notes.

SMS Guidelines

Answer all texts within 5 minutes.

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