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Office Cleaning Script

Sometimes also known as small commercial spaces.

We definitely clean offices!

  • Always send a quote to EVERYONE you talk too
  • Gather their name, phone number and email than enter them into BK
  • This starts an automation for follow ups with leads
  • After entering them into BK if they do not schedule make sure to notate why they did not schedule right now.

We definitely clean offices!

What is the address of the office? (qualifying the lead)

Do you happen to know the square footage of the office?

If yes – Great! Thank you so much. That helps a lot!

No – No problem. We can try to look it up by address.

How many bathrooms and how many toilets/urinals in each?
Any kitchenettes, and if so # of Kitchenettes?
Type of flooring:
How often would you like the office space cleaned?
Any specific times when the cleanings need to happen (ex. early AM, evenings, weekends, etc)

Just need a couple more things:
Your name
Company name
Best # to reach you
Email address where we can send your quote.

I will work on your quote and email it. Sometimes it ends up in spam folder, so please check in there.

Or if you prefer I can call you right after we email the quote?

Thank you so much and have a great day!

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