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Managing the Schedule

Route the schedule at least two days prior

  • Pre set the schedule out as far as possible
  • if timing is tight, look at last thee cleanings average clean times, to see if there is any wiggle room.
  • Pay attention to travel time 

Driving distance

  • Have all techs driving under 20 miles with a goal of 15
  • If a tech is driving out 10+ miles, ensure that there are at least two homes there so its worth the drive.

Notify customers

  • Make sure to notify customers at least three days ahead of time if there tech will not be available and offer another tech or to move them
  • If a tech no longer works for us,
    -Check to see if second tech that did initial cleaning is still with the company. See if that tech is available to take on the job. If they are available no need to notify the client since this tech has been in the home in the past.
    -If no current staff has ever cleaned this clients home, notify the customer(s) three days ahead or more and offer another tech similar that lives in their area.
    • Reschedule all jobs to the new cleaning technician
    • Make a task in clickup to follow up and see how they like the other tech and change in custom fields

Update slack with openings

  • Let everyone know what we can schedule up to

Setting team homes

  • Make sure to set them up for success
  • Who works well together?
  • Put a newbie with someone who has been here awhile
  • Can they communicate?

Use the tech notes located in BookingKoala

  • New techs need to slow into it
  • Don’t give a new tech a large home 
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