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Managing Leads on Online Platforms

Manage sales platforms

  • Thumbtack/Yelp
    • Check hourly for new opportunities and pass or send quotes
    • Respond immediately to new messages and leads
    • Follow up daily to any messages to check in if they are interested still and would like to speak to us about a quote
    • Do not give a quote.  Try to get them on the phone and gather info to add into BK first
  • Next Door
    • Respond immediately to any messages and call leads
    • Add them into BK and send quote
    • Change status in ClickUp and update fields (source, price, sales rep)
    • On Friday go through and ensure they have all been entered into BK and all statuses are marked appropriately.  See if they were won 
  • Google Local
    • Make sure to notate and mark appropriately when receiving calls from google local or dispute as needed 
  • Request a quotes/online book forms
    • These come through email and are added to Clickup automatically
    • Call them right away when they come in
      • Text a message if they do not answer by adding a TAG in Clickup “1st Followup” (this will automatically send a message in background)
      • Delete or merge duplicate leads 
  • Make sure all new leads on all platforms are called right away and get them scheduled!!
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