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How to Set-up House Checks

Ensure House Checker fills out the Checklist

  • Manage daily to ensure all house checks have been done when needed and scheduled
  • Ensure all boxes on checklist are fully filled out

When to set up

  • At Least one per quarter per tech
  • Once a month for the first three months of employment
  • Once daily the first week of being solo
  • As needed for under performers
    • At the beginning of every month ask Field Manager who are the under performers
    • These will be techs that receive two or more complaints in a month

Use Sr. Cleaning Technicians or Trainers

  • Set aside at least one day a week as needed to ensure quality checks are done 
  • Find a House check (QA) Customer (fake), scroll down to history and DUPLICATE a job
  • Edit the Job details:
    – DATE/Time
    – Add new Address of where the house check is
    – Add address in Notes TO provider
    -Add Cleaning technician’s phone # in notes so lead can easily access if needed.
    -Ensure provider payment is checked overwritten and its $20
  • Notify the lead that they will be doing a house check the next day
  • Notify customer(s)
    • “ Hi Sarah I was just letting you know we are doing random quality checks on our cleaning techs and there may be a lead tech coming to your home tomorrow to check the quality of _______ work.  Thank you.”
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