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Google Local

When receiving a call from google local it will say

  • “Call from google”

Like every call always ask where they are located and verify the area before moving on

If they are wanting other services that we do not offer, make the call as short as possible.

*We will get charged for all leads that we attempt to sell our services, so the faster we qualify the better to avoid the charge*

After the call open up google local

  • Click on the number that called
  • Notate the customer name
  • Make notes as to what they wanted
    • Example – TTB – every 4 weeks
    • Wanted once a month but needs to discuss with husband first – sent estimate 
    • Use abbreviations Q for Quoted, T for Texted.

If they booked

  • Click on the button to the top right that says booked
  • Follow the areas and mark as stated
  • Save

If they wanted something we do not offer, is a sales call or live outside of our area 

  • Enter their name 
  • Enter notes as to what they wanted
    • Example  – Looking for employment
    • Outside of service area – lives in San Jose
    • Wanted customized cleaning of walls – we do not clean walls or customize
    • Wanted laundry or organizing
  • Ensure you make good notes!
  • Click on the three dots to the top right
  • Dispute
  • Choose the reasoning
  • Click on Submit and you’re done.

Missed Google Leads Calls

Anytime a call was not answered by us or answering service or a called hungup too early (you can see it by listening to the recording)

  • Call lead right away
  • If no answer, send a MISSED call text
  • update customer name to T (indicating they were texted)

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