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Flooring issues/solutions

Are you using too much cleaning solution?

Not changing the mop towels enough? – 1 mop towel per every 10×10 area in the home

Pick a pattern and stick with it! Go with the grain in the floor and do not make a rainbow shape!

Are you using too much water? Is the mop bucket sloshing over?

Are you rushing and not taking your time?

Do not rinse/hand-wash cloths. Once a cloth is damped and mopped with it does not go back into the bucket. It will dirty the water AND the other cloths.

Are you hand-washing your mop towels and reusing them?

Double check the floor if its sticky.

Walk on floors if needed using microfiber cloths.

If there is dog slobber or urine on the floor wipe it with a hot water first than mop so it doesn’t just spread it around

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