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Dispatch Job Duties

Managing the dispatch calendar in all aspects

  • Route the schedule for each day
    • Must be done and dispatched by 10am the day prior
    • Time windows done by end of day for two days prior 
    • Must be done at least three days in advance
  • Find ways to improve efficiency
  • Maximize the schedule
  • Contact clients with changes or when preferred tech is not available
    • At Least three days ahead of time
  • Manage last minute cancelations by charging customers and making changes
  • Contact techs with any changes
  • Manage any changes customers want to make with their schedules 
  • Make changes if a tech calls out or needs the day off
  • Notify management if needing to hire
  • Manage rescheduling tickets/emails 
  • Same techs going to the same homes (consistency) 

Answer calls/texts from techs

Handle any schedule changes that happen during the day 

Manage Customers

  • Deactivate one time customers 

Dispatch calendar goals

  • At Least one per quarter per tech
  • Once a month for the first three months of employment
  • Once daily the first week of being solo
  • As needed for under performers

Schedule trainings 

  • Schedule as needed upon hire or retraining when needed
  • Ensure to dos are entered in and updated daily 

Manage all reschedule requests that come in 

Previous Customer did not get a reminder notification
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