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Damage Cases Process

There is two types of damage cases.

The reported one(by the tech) and the unreported one (reported by the customer).

Once completed give report and any other info to Anita to document and for payment to customer

  1. If this is an unreported case, Speak to client directly as they most likely emailed, messaged or called. At this point you will have to create a damage case. This will allow us to have a record and also create a reminder until the damage case has been closed
  2. If this is reported case(by the tech), notify customer immediately. Apologize.
    Hi ____, wanted to let you know that _____, your cleaning tech, accidentally dropped/damaged this ____. Hopefully, its not anything of sentimental value. Our cleaning technicians are always careful with your items, but accidents sometimes happen. Please let us know how we can help with replacing this item. Regards, _____ (sample)
  3. Gather pictures and find out exactly what the damage is and define if it is a probability that we actually did the damage
  4. Never admit guilt!!  We might not be the ones who damaged the item unless you know we did for sure from a technician. 
  5. Speak to the tech and find out what happened 
  6. Determine if they used anything other than what they were supposed to use or if they were following protocols
    • To create a damage case go to the OPERATIONS>Damages section in Clickup
    • Add a Damage Case as shown below
  • Fill out the form completely
  • Once in the form has been submitted you will see it in the Case Damages list as shown below
  • Finally open on the damage case and create a relationship to “Client” from client list AND a relationship to “cleaning technician” from employees area (as shown in below screenshot below)
  • Due date, should be the date you want to be reminded to follow up with the customer.
  • Damage status should remain open until is all taken care of then you can close it.
  • Damaged by- Tech who did the cleaning when the damage took place.
  • Damage date and time also need to be filled out
  • Total cost can be a rough estimate and once you have closed the case you can go back in and change to ending cost.
  • Once you have completed filling out SUBMIT IT.
  • You have to go back in the damage case list to create a relationship to the CLIENT and Cleaning tech.

If you need to keep moving the reminder you will follow the same steps.

  • Determine if someone from our company needs to go out or not
  • If we need to have a company go out find one within 24 hours to go out and asses
  • Use maintenance BIzx vendors whenever possible
  • If the damage is under $500 make the decision if over $500 bring all information to Management before committing 
  • Anita will make payment to the customer

All damage cases need to be resolved within 5 days of damages 

Fill out the rest of the damage case task fields

Please fill out as much as possible on the form and you can always come back to it if you collect more info.

Final step is to CLOSE the damage case. Remember case is open until the damage has been taken care of completely.

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