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Carpet Cleaning Script

Sorry at this very moment we aren’t providing carpet cleaning service. (As of 11-10-21)

  • Always send a quote to EVERYONE you talk too
  • Gather their name, phone number and email than enter them into BK
  • This starts an automation for follow ups with leads
  • After entering them into BK if they do not schedule make sure to notate why they did not schedule right now.

We definitely provide carpet cleaning service.

What city is the property located in? (qualifying the lead)

We do our pricing based on areas that need carpets to be cleaned.
How many rooms?
Any Stairs?
Follow BookingKoala (select carpet cleaning as service)

Before giving the pricing, look at availability HERE. (select any service just to be able to view availability)

Thank you! Let’s take a look here: Carpet cleaning for ___ rooms, ____ hallways, and ___ flights of stairs is $_____. Our next availability is on _____ (Wednesday, April 12th, at around 9am) would that work for you?

Perfect! Let me get this to our scheduler, and I’ll get back to you shortly confirming the booking.

In the mean time, I will send you our customer guidelines for you to read and accept.

– Send guidelines (Clickup>change status to PENDING GUIDELINES)

Call customer to finalize everything in ONE phone call.

Hi ____, got a confirmation for ____, arrival window between ___ and ____.
I just need to put a card on file and we’ll charge it upon completion.

I can take the card over the phone!

CC #
3 digit Security Code in the back of the card:

Perfect. We’re all set! Thank you so much and have a great day!

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