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  • Keeping and retaining our customers.


  • Keep our attrition under 3.5% 

How is this measured

  • By how many current clients we have and how many are dropping off
  • Divide how many have terminated by how many recurring clients we have 
    • Example
    • In October there were 143 recurring customers and 4 of them canceled services with us.  
    • We take 4 and divide that by 143 which means we had 2.8% attrition in October

How do you lower the attrition and keep it low?

  • Ask questions
    • “Oh no Debra I’m sorry to hear you are canceling with us.  What is the reason for doing so?”
    • Find out the WHY behind it!!
    • Most people don’t want to tell you they are unhappy
    • Be empathetic!!
  • Let them know we care
    • Even if it was not us, ask them if there is anything we could have done better?
  • Make sure our quality is there
    • Are we wowing the customer and if not why???
    • Make sure we handle complaints immediately and hold the techs accountable
    • Follow up calls with customers
    • Lower our complaints through accountability 

Keeping track of our canceling customers

  • Track them in a google Sheets
  • Choosing the right reasoning 
  • Ensure only proper reasons are being used
  • Only log customers that had two or more services 

Send out a follow up email using template 

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