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Add On Cleaning Services

Many of our Add-On services can be included with any cleaning. You may add one or more of these options to a one-time cleaning, first-time cleaning, or Move-In/Move-Out Service. For our Recurring Cleaning Service, you may add on to every visit, every other visit, or to one visit only.

Inside Cabinets: We’ll clean and wipe down the inside of empty cabinets.

Inside Fridge: We’ll clean and wipe down the inside of the refrigerator, which must be at least half-empty.

Inside Oven: We’ll wipe down the inside of the oven.  This is after running a self-clean, which must be performed by a member of the household at least one day before the cleaning visit. 

Windows: We’ll wash the inside of any windows that are easily accessible and reachable with a two-step ladder.

Doors and door frames: We’ll wet-wipe all doors and door frames.

Make Bed: We’ll change the sheets and make the bed. Clean sheets must be provided and on top of bed.

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