What Kind of Insurance for Cleaning Service Do House Cleaners Need?

It would be easy to forget about insurance for cleaning service when it comes to having your house cleaned, but this would be a mistake. Accidents can happen in any industry or any activity, and that is why it is essential that you inquire about insurance and learn more about what kind of insurance a housing cleaning company offers.

The Significance of Insurance in Selecting a Cleaning Service

Not all cleaning services are of the same caliber and quality, and that is why it is in your best interest to understand who is professional and who is not. A key part of professionalism in the industry is discovering who has invested in proper insurance. After all, would you rather work with a house cleaning company that has insurance or one that does not? The answer to this question should be pretty clear!

We should pause to point out that there are a lot of house cleaning companies that are not in any way insured or bonded. Is this a problem? If something does go wrong, working with a house cleaning company that is not bonded or insured could turn out to be a very bad idea and one that you could very easily regret.

Understanding Insurance For Cleaning Service Business

How much insurance is enough? Oftentimes, the $100,000 level of insurance is what is quoted and used by house cleaning companies, but the bottom line is that this is often nowhere near enough coverage.

Savvy and experienced business owners understand that $100,000 in coverage may not be enough to properly protect their clients. This is why you’ll often see experienced house cleaning business owners boost their insurance levels. It is no coincidence that experienced house cleaning businesses usually offer more than the common $100,000 number.

House cleaning businesses need to have enough insurance to cover several key areas: general liability, bonded, and worker’s compensation for employees. All of these are very important and should be represented in insurance policies.

Ensuring Peace of Mind with Your Cleaning Company

If you select a cleaning company that does not have insurance for cleaning service or is dramatically underinsured, then you could be the one left holding the bill if something goes wrong. You may ask, what could go wrong? I’m only having my house cleaned, right? The vast majority of the time, there will absolutely be no problems, but that doesn’t mean that nothing will ever go wrong. Fires, property damage, worker injury, and more are all possible. Anytime you allow someone to enter your home, there is a risk that some sort of injury could occur. Likewise, property damage comes in many forms and can be exceptionally difficult to predict. Working with a properly insured house cleaning service is simply a must!