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Someone knocks on the door and refuses to leave

We hope this never happens, but we want to make you aware if the situation ever arises. Please refer to the following if you notice something off about someone knocking on the door or loitering around outside.

Remember: WE are guests in the home, NOT the residents. We do not have the authority to decide on their behalf how to respond to guests.

Never allow someone into the house that doesn’t live there

  • It is not your responsibility to answer the door to a client’s home. If already inside the home and there is someone at the door that does not live there, there’s no need to take any action.

If the customer is not home, then:

  1. Notify office immediately.
    • For Office: Try calling the customer to find out if that person has permission to be there, say something like:
      • “I have <Person’s Name> here, says that he/she has your permission to come into the house. Just wanted to double check with you if he/she is supposed to be here before allowing him/her into your home”
  2. If you are unable to reach the office/customer, tell that person you don’t have permission to let anyone in, say something like: “Sorry, but I don’t have permission to let anyone in”
  3. If they refuse to leave, call the office again so they can contact the customer and wait for their instructions.

REMEMBER: If they claim to be the homeowner or someone who lives there. The homeowner or residents would most likely have access to their home regardless.

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