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Reschedules more than 4 weeks out

If it is more than 4 weeks in between services the home gets a lot dirtier so it takes longer to clean it with the build up and dust accumulated.  So we have to charge differently due to that and compensate the tech.  So we have to start over again with a TTB or General clean.

If client pushes back, our last resort is to let them know: If keeping the consistent recurring schedule isn’t possible now, we’d do offer occasional cleanings as well.  Rates are higher and dependent on availability of course.  But being inconsistent is not fair to our staff.  We appreciate your understanding.  

Our policy is to let them know that we feel that would be a better fit as an as needed client. We would be more then happy to schedule them when it’s convenient for their schedule but being inconsistent is not fair to our staff.

This does one of two things.

  • Usually gets then to comment to the recurring and pay for it because they love the cleaner or you now book this cleaning as a general cleaning each time at the 1st time price.
  • If they do not like our response we just let them know our service is not for everyone and we understand and wish them the best of luck! 
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