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Sales Commission Structure

Effective July 1, 2022

All one time sales – $5

Every 4 week recurring sale – $10

Every 1 or 2 week recurring sale – $20

After TTB recurring sale – $5  – You need to track the “recurring only” sale in a new row, do not change the original booking.

All commission is paid monthly

  • Mandatory criteria for bonus paid out:
    • Always set expectations
    • Customer must accept the quote sent 
    • Must have customer Guidelines Signed
    • Must do follow up call 
    • All sales processes and follow through must be followed
    • Must fully onboard client if recurring (including the on-boarding checklist)
    • Sales spreadsheet must be filled out 

Cleanings that DO NOT complete the recurring services – CSR will be responsible for getting back the $50 discount given for the initial cleaning.  ** May want to make that a part of the call when booking clients / this will be in the quote as well **

Each CSR is responsible for the One Time/First Time calls to the clients after the cleaning is done.  These are done the day after the cleanings.  *** Refer to your Sales Log ( use sort/check option ) and cross Reference the BK Calendar if you have calls to make ***  

If there are any issues with the cleanings, please have Anita made aware and come up with a resolution ( Redo cleaning, etc ) 

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