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Entering Leads

All leads should be added to BK even when they consider us too high, will call back, shopping around, etc. 

  • Always qualify the customer first (do we service the zip code, what type of service do they want, etc)
  • Make sure to get a First/ last name, email address, and phone number, source, zipcode, for the lead you are creating (If they don’t provide an email address still add them with the info you got)
  • Update the source
  • Add your name as the sales person in the ‘private notes’
  • Make notes in the booking private notes about the conversation
  • If they say our price is too high, found another company, will call when ready please mark lead as LOST in clickup 
  • If you see a lead that is in clickup system more than once → Open Lead → Click ellipses icon or right-clicking on a task → Click on Merge → search for the other duplicate → MERGE
  • Once a quote has been sent, update the quote in Clickup to QUOTE SENT Status
  • Google local: add the name, add detailed notes, and add them to BK and send quote via BK. (change the source to google local, close the lead in Clickup if it applies)
  • Thumbtack/next door: Call the lead, fill out the BK form with the information provided from thumbtack/nextdoor update the source, send Quote and update in Clickup (lost or sent quote).
  • Yelp: send a message to the lead by clicking “ask a question” ask when is the best time to call, etc. add them to the system if you at least have the name and number.
  • Tawk: verify if the lead is in Clickup, if it is not add them to BK using the information provided by tawk, submit quote, update status of lead in ClickUP
  • New Lead in Clickup: (website leads, tried to book online), call the lead immediately, offer assistance with booking or to help answer any questions, may provide over the phone quote and email copy via BK. This will create a duplicate lead, please merge it. NOTE: for leads that came in during off hours, call them first thing in the morning
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