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If the client is home when you arrive, first knock. If nobody answers, then it should be fine to enter the home – just be sure to check the notes in your app in case there are special instructions (such as “do not knock!”).

Upon entering, announce yourself by saying “Hello. It’s ____ with BA House Cleaning”. You would be surprised – every once in a while the client may be running late or may still be in the shower but didn’t hear you knock. It would not be a great experience if you walked in on someone in the shower.

We should greet the client formally by their last name (IE: Mrs. Smith or Mr. Smith). If you cannot pronounce their last name, just call them “Mr. or Mrs. S”.

Please remember if the home is occupied, after ringing the door bell to step back 6 feet and to put your mask on.

Also for COVID-19 precautions only, all supplies MUST be sanitized before entering the home!!

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