Priority Cleaning (BOT)

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Priority Cleaning is also known as Block Of Time (BOT)

What is Priority Cleaning

• Minimum of 3 hours of cleaning at a rate that should be at or above our existing
cleaning rate. Usually with $2-$5 per hour above your existing rate.
• Selling 3, 4 or 6 hour blocks (total man hours)
• Solo cleaning as a standard. Can use a team for a 6-hour block, especially helpful for
afternoon arrivals.
• It is a one-off cleaning that can be purchased ONLY when you decide that you need to
fill in open spaces on your schedule.
This is NOT to be sold as part of your initial sales process or an active working

This is not meant to be a substitute for a deep cleaning or any recurring service, we do
not want to cannibalize our existing prospect base!

• CASH Only (CC on file per usual)
• Non-refundable
• The customer creates a list, the cleaner starts at the top of the list and works their way
down. The cleaner does NOT have to finish the entire list.

Setting Expectations for Customers:

• The cleaners’ time starts when they arrive inside the home.
• We ask that we receive your prioritized list via email by replying to our Priority Cleaning Quote.
• We highly recommend that if your home has excessive buildup you purchase our Top to Bottom Deluxe Cleaning. We have found that our hourly cleanings do not allow enough time for excessive scrubbing which may be required in some areas.
• We accept credit card information to secure this appointment and the payment is due upon completion in CASH.
• Our Customer Guidelines must be signed.
• Our standard cancellation and rescheduling policies apply.
•The cleaner is not allowed to move furniture or heavy items. Our cleaners climb as high as a 2-footstep ladder.
• We will gladly clean the interior of your home however we cannot clean any exterior areas of a home.
• How to write a list, for example, do not put floors on the top of the list.
• We suggest you write list by room. If you want entire room done, just write down that room. For example, Kitchen
• No guarantees that the entire list would be completed

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