My vacuum breaks (Mighty Mite)

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To prevent breakage and poor performance we recommend that you check all of the below at least ONCE per week.

1. Check Sponge Filter

Make sure the sponge filter is in place. IT MUST NEVER BE REMOVED.
Clean filter as needed.

2. Check the bag

Make sure that the bag bag is properly in place.

3. Check the poles

Check the vacuum poles and look inside to see if anything is stuck. If so, you may use a wire hanger or a stick of some sort to clean it out.

4. Check the small vent

Open and look inside the small vent, see if there is anything stuck such as dirt or debris or small items and remove it.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to close the vent when done.

5. Check the floor attachment

Check the floor attachment and see if there is anything stuck in there.

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