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***DO NOT start cleaning if it is not within our normal scope of service***


  • Discuss with the client if:
    • There is pet waste in the home
    • There is a pile of dishes
    • There are piles of laundry scattered throughout the room
    • There are toys or items scattered throughout the entire home

SCRIPT: “Would you mind picking up this area so I can clean it better or would you prefer I just work around the area?”

  • Try to politely discuss like its no big deal with the clients that certain things aren’t within our scope of service and that you would not be able to tend to those items if it hasn’t been previously addressed when scheduling.
  • Working it out with the client yourself is ideal and many times not a big deal.
  • Contacting the office can make for a situation that is awkward when it doesn’t need to be. If you put yourself in the customers shoes, it doesn’t make sense to call the office when to many it is not a big deal to discuss it directly with them. This also saves time in many cases.

If you can’t resolve this directly with the client, here is a script, “Okay, I will contact the office and see what the next step will be, thank you”

  • Call the office to let them know if it is not easily resolved with the client. At least if you tried to communicate the issue and it is unresolved, it would make more sense to the client to involve the office.
  • If unable to resolve, if possible, send the office a photo of the situation
    • if you feel the client may be uncomfortable with you taking photos, do not do it.


  • Call the office to explain the situation.
  • Send a photo of the situation.

Wait for instructions from the office.

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