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**Priority Cleaning = Block of Time
NOTE: Priority Cleans are only

  • Fill in all information as needed includes customer information, (name, email, phone number and address), house information, (square footage of house, number of bedrooms and bath, additional inclusions) ( refer to image below ).
  • You may add notes to technicians or requests from customers. And Save As Quote. ( refer to image below ).
  • Change subject to: Your Priority Cleaning quote ( refer to image below ).
  • Indicate expiration date to 2-weeks from date of quote ( refer to image below ).
  • Edit Message ( refer to image below ).
  • Go to Clickup > BAHC Workspace > DOCS > office documents > choose source code priority cleaning ( refer to image below ) > Select all and copy .
  • Go back to bookingkoala > Click on SOURCE and paste info from clickup.
  • Delete previous information.
  • Refer to details and change information in the email content . Make sure to check everything ( refer to image below ).
  • Delete reference and check before sending quote to customer.
  • Will automatically add to clickup as lead. ( if not added, manually add information ).
  • From bookingkoala, copy customer information and add to clickup (phone number should not have dashes > fill lead source > fill amount).
  • From New Lead drag to Quote sent – if quote was sent.

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