Sending an Estimate

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Sending the estimate

  • Login to BookingKoala.com.
  • Click on Add Booking.
  • Enter First name, last name and email address (phone and address to be added later)
  • Choose from the service which one pertains to the cleaning they are wanting
  • Fill in all information as needed house information, (square footage of house, number of bedrooms and bath, additional add-ons) ( refer to image below ).
    NOTE Move Outs: Default adds for move outs are: baseboards, inside oven, inside refrigerator, inside cabinets. But we always offer others as well. Windows, Sliding doors, and blinds are priced by quantity! (client may estimate if not sure exactly)
    NOTE Top To Bottom Deluxe: Includes interior windows cleaning AND wiping of exposed baseboards.
  • Private notes are VERY IMPORTANT. Throughout the conversation, save all notes in there. Upon acceptance of the quote, these notes will be transferred over to Booking Notes and/or to Notes to service provider. Save As Quote. ( refer to image below ).
  • Change subject according to service type. Move out or move in vs
  • Indicate expiration date to 2-weeks from date of quote ( refer to image below ).
  • Edit Message ( refer to image below ).
  • Scroll down to Quote Template for this Service, delete all other quote templates AND instructions in RED.
  • Fill your estimate section entirely.
  • Update Price (price to include add ons, then update add on’s accordingly. Example: move excluded to included if they have been added on as addons and are included in price)
  • Click SAVE
  • IMPORTANT: Read through the entire quote before sending. TRIPLE CHECK! (Once sent it cannot be undone!)
  • Ensure that the quote was “delivered‘ and not bounced.
    If bounced, call lead back and resend.
  • Send text to client via Helpwise, using “quote sent” template.

Step 2: Update Lead

  • This should automatically add to clickup as lead. ( Verify in Click up (new leads and Quote sent areas. If not added, manually add the lead).
  • If it did not automatically get added to Clickup, copy client information and add to clickup (phone number should not have dashes, parenthesis or spaces> fill lead source > fill amount<email address).
  • Change status from New Lead to Quote Sent.
  • Update fields such as Lead source, amount, and whether its a Top To Bottom Cleaning.

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