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Commission sheets are done DAILY.

Part 1: Adding a new sheet for current week

  1. Go to Google Drive (BAHC > Employees > Employee Files> Current Employees> Employee name)
  2. Open a file called “Employee name Year Commission”
  3. Every start of the week create a duplicate copy of the original commission sheet template for each cleaning tech and rename it in this format mm/dd. (every sheet must be on a Monday)
    Note: MN is a Team and treated as ONE. Only ONE commission sheet.

Part II: Adding Daily jobs and Amounts

List down the names of clients the cleaner cleaned for, for that day with the total cleaning amount (the sheet should auto populate the commission rate of the technician for every cleaning automatically
– Make sure to check if the cleaning was done solo or with a partner (the one encircled in the photo is one sample, this can be found on BK). 
(Please take note that Anita’s BnB clean is always at $50 amount paid to cleaners.)
-NOTE: MN Team has a drop down of customers. If a customer is missing, type in the name manually, and change color of the cell to RED. Indicating action is needed.

Part III: Entering clock in/clock out times

Everyday, you have to enter the Clock in and Clock out time of each tech everyday. These are located in BookingKoala.
1. Click the first booking of the day then choose Booking Time Log then enter the clocked in time into the sheet (make sure you enter CLOCKED IN and not ON THE WAY in the sheet.
2. For clock out, you will do the same process and check the LAST job for the day, then enter the clocked out time in the sheet.

Note: If you’re off on weekends, you will also enter Saturday’s commission and clock ins and outs on Monday.

Step IV: Weekly Audit

Important step DUE on MONDAY!
1. Triple check if the all jobs and cleaning amounts are entered correctly including the clock in and clock out times.
2. After verifying, you will need to check if the total payable amount for the tech in the sheet is matching up to what you see in BK.

V: Fixing discrepancies

  1. First check that all tips are entered.
  2. If tips were entered accordingly, check the commission per booking in BK if it matches to what is in the sheet.
    (you can check that by hoover over the eye icon so that you can check the booking for that week one by one). 

3. Scroll down until you reach the part shown on the photo, manually edit the commission percentage if it did not match up with what is in the sheet then click on Update Payment

4. You can also edit the commission percentage as shown below by entering the correct percentage amount.

IMPORTANT: SELECT the Exclude notification from being sent then click on Update Booking.
This should match the amount on BK and the commission sheet.

Note: The correct commission % is calculated automatically in the google sheet AFTER all jobs have been entered for the week. After all jobs + amounts have been entered for ALL days, assuming the commission rate matches the rate in Booking Koala, and that all tips have been recorded, the amounts should match.

VI: Extra pay for reviews

Cleaning technicians get paid for new reviews when clients mention their name. At the moment the pay is $10. (if it was a work done in pairs and both names are mentioned in their review, then it gets split, $5 each.

1. Look up each one of the below sites for new reviews for the ‘pay period week’.
Yelp 1
Yelp 2
Nextdoor 2

2. Each review received record it in that technician’s commission sheets addition area. (see example below)

When work is done in PAIRS

  1. Commissions are recorded in the w/ Partner area of Google sheet.
  2. Find out if all cleaning technicians spent equal amount time on the job (10 minutes is the threshold)
    If yes, then their commission amounts are an equal split.
    If NOT, highlight the CELL in RED and add a note with how much time each cleaning tech spent on the job.

Unfixed discrepancies

  1. Reach out to someone for assistance or with questions.
  2. In the meantime, change the CELL color to RED and add COMMENT indicating what the issue appears to be.
  3. Notify management of a discrepancy.

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