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NOTE: Bizx is a trade company we work with. Trade aka barter.


Login to Bizx by going to

Charge Bizx Cards

IMPORTANT: Clients with TWO stars like this ** next to their name is an indication that its a Barter aka Bizx client. Meaning we need to charge the via Bizx.

  1. Go to BookingKoala>Bookings>Booking Charges
  2. Ensure that the PENDING tab is selected
  3. Look for those customers with ** next to their name. IMPORTANT: NOT * (one) but ** (TWO) next to their name
  4. To find the Bizx Account number go into that customers profile in BookingKoala
  5. Go to Bizx>Transactions>Charge a Bizx Card
  6. Fill it in completely
    Bizx #
    Notes to include date and Booking ID from Booking Koala
  7. After the charge went through successfully, record the charge in Booking Koala by clicking on the little check/cash icon
    If there is an issue with the charge, notify your manager asap

Record Bizx Purchases

  1. Login into Quickbooks Online
  2. Go to Expenses>Vendors
  3. Create a new expense for each purchase transaction
    If not sure what the category is, look up the location online via google to get an idea OR look up that same vendor’s previous year’s expense transactions.
    IMPORTANT: Dates and amounts are extremely important when monthly reconciliations step comes.
    NOTE: Each purchase on the statement is its own expense.

Record Deposit

  1. Go to Transactions > then Statements
  2. Search by month to find the right month.
  3. Login to Quickbooks and create a new deposit.
    Date: Last day of that specific month.
  4. Find all Sales transactions matching those in the statement.

    NOTE: Sales transactions are usually automatically recorded via Booking Koala Integration. If not there, find a transactions in BookingKoala ( under clients>transactions). If missing, notify your manager for further instructions.
  5. Be sure to Select “The Barter (Bizx)” Bank account as your deposit to account.

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