How to Clean Your House Like You Mean It (Part 2)

As we want you to have your own dream house, we’ve developed 3 articles that will not only tell you how to clean your house like a professional, but also how to maintain that cleanliness as long as possible. This is part 2.


Bathrooms are like a mirror of your overall cleanliness: if the bathroom is clean and fresh, the entire house seems to reflect that. It’s not only because you use them regularly, but also every guest you have over.

  • Mirrors: a streak-free mirror is a must. It has to look clean from all angles. You can use a commercial foam glass cleaner for this purpose, or mix vinegar and water and use it to remove any build up dirt and grime.
  • Toilets: Make sure to clean the bowl, lids, fronts, bases, tops, and especially in and around the seat fasteners where dirt tends to collect. Also wipe the base by hand. Use any commercial product you prefer or the vinegar plus water mix.
  • Fixtures: clean all (cool) light bulbs and other light sources. Clean the racks, the top of the shower curtain rod.
  • Taps have an underside that is mostly forgotten. Clean it with hot water and a simple scrub.
  • Shower door: take the time to clean the track of grime or hand-stains.
  • Towels: Try and fold all towels.
  • Walls: bathroom walls have splash marks sometimes. Check all your walls and get rid of the stains.


At the end of the day, every job depends of the size of your home. Vacuuming a big house can take a significant timeframe, while a small place will be finished in no time.

Vacuuming is important to avoid allergies and diseases. Actually, it is best if you mop afterwards to make sure there’s no dust left behind.

  • Furniture: if it’s possible, try and move couches, chairs, and other items like bedside tables. Then vacuum. Every two or three months move your beds and vacuum underneath.
  • Area Rugs: For large area rugs, vacuum under fold it back and vacuum. If small rugs, pick them up and vacuum underneath.
  • Closets: closets can be a hiding place for a lot of dost. Open their doors and vacuum. If possible, empty them out (especially the front hall closet). Kitchens: open the bread drawer or where you store the toaster, and vacuum up the crumbs. Your cutlery drawer will also need a dedicated vacuuming.

Next week we’ll cover the last part of this series. Stay tuned!

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