Have you ever thought about your refrigerator as a cold box where you keep your food? Technically, that’s what it is. As we tend to get things in and out constantly, the accumulation of grit, grime and crumbs is inevitable. Sometimes we even have food that has expired—and let not start with the smell.

So, how can you clean the fridge?

Define the level of cleaning you need. Let’s say, a partially dirty fridge won’t need the thoroughness that a seriously dirty and smelly fridge would need.

Step by Step!

  1. Unplug your fridge. This is optional, but if you let it plugged while cleaning (which means that you’ll have the door open for a good while) you’ll be spending more energy than usual.
  2. Empty the fridge: you can do it all at once or in sections. If your fridge is especially dirty you might want to do it by sections, starting by the top to avoid having all food outside at the same time.
  3. Set aside two areas for setting items down: one of them is for things that need to be cleaned out (Tupperwares with expired food, dirty plates, almost empty bottles, etc.) and other area for items that need to be put back into the fridge. Discard anything that’s outdated.
  4. Check your milk carton, olive jar and other containers that are going to go back into the fridge. With a clean, damp rag, clean their bottoms and sides. In this way, they’ll be clean inhabitants of a clean fridge.
  5. Can you remove shelves and drawers? Do it. Clean them out or, if possible, wash them with a mix of soft soap and warm water. Be careful of not doing any scratches in the surface of them. You can also use some Windex on the glass shelves to get them extra clean and streak-free. Let them dry.
  6. If you’re not able to remove shelves and drawers, include them in in this step: spray the interior of the fridge with a solution of vinegar and water (equal parts), let it concentrate on soiled areas and let it soak in.
  7. With a damp sponge or towel, wipe and rub down all the spaces, you can also clean the shelf seams or rubber seals with detail using an old toothbrush.
  8. Wipe everything down with a dry cloth.
  9. If you removed them, return the clean shelves and drawers where they belong. Now return all the food and containers in an organized manner (you can have your fridge sections labeled to help keep items where they belong, if you prefer).
  10. Clean the exterior! When everything inside the fridge looks fine, take care of the outside. Tidy your magnets, discard what’s not useful, and give the exterior a quick wipe down with your product of choice.

What do you think of this way of cleaning? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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